New E-Sports Madden Tournament

Are you excited for our first ever E-Sports tournament!  Of course our gamers will be competing in none other than Madden 2020!  First and last time ever the fee will be $50 with a maximum of 20 spots with a winning PRIZE OF $600 (minimum 14 teams or pot goes to 60%).  

How will it work, STS will create an online chat room for our registered players.  We will release a schedule and your head to head matchup will be live.  The winner will advance to the following round on the following night.  Scout and communicate with your competition and have a great time.  Let’s make the most out of this quarantine.   Register now under the “FOOTBALL TAB”.   Basic Info below, See you online!!!  

Entry Fee – $50

System – X-Box 

Dates – Tuesday 6/16, Wednesday 6/17, Thursday 6/18, Friday 6/19 Championship Rounds 

Time – 7pm – 10pm 

# 0f Players – Maximum of 20 players 

Tournament – Single game elimination 

Game Length – 6 minute quarters

Skill Level – All Madden

Weather – Clear

Injuries – Off 

game Style – Standard

Official rulebook will be sent out before tournament begins.